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July 29, 2015

Friday, March 30, 2012

Behind Bars

This was posted on the blog of our friends and comrades in the struggle, Humanity for Prisoners, a well-respected organization in Michigan, headed by Doug Tjapkes, who has tirelessly worked to make life better for those in prison and their families and loved ones:

Behind Bars, on Humanity for Prisoners website:
March 30, 2012

Think it's a jungle out there, where your struggling each day? Consider what it's like behind bars.
...while coming out of my cell for a shower, me and an officer I had words with a couple days prior, said "Today is your day, MF," trying to get a response out of me, but I didn't pay any mind to what he meant until I started washing up. As I was turning around I seen five prisoners advancing toward me, and one had a knife on, but I didn't think nothing of it and continued shaving until I got stabbed in my back. I turned around and a prisoner stabbed me again in the arm and stomach. I grabbed him and we struggled for the knife...he dropped it and they all ran. I got some clothes on and tried to make it to my room. I fell in front of my cell. Officers came up there smiling, and asked what happened. I told him my neighbor stabbed me. The officer told me to put pressure on it, and called for some medical help. I went to the hospital, and they had tubes in me. When I returned, the staff accused me of assaulting them so I was put in the hole.

This is daily routine. No surprise to anyone behind bars.