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July 29, 2015

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Press release: Thrower of minuscule object becomes political prisoner in The Netherlands

By Krapuul.nl

Mr. Erwin Lensink is Being Held in a High Security Prison and Committed to Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment After Throwing a Tealight Holder at Dutch Queen’s Golden Carriage


In the Netherlands, traditionally, the third Tuesday of September (called Prince’s Day) the reigning monarch of the Netherlands (currently Queen Beatrix) addresses a joint session of the Dutch Senate and House of Representatives. A small incident occurred during last year’s Prince’s Day (2010), which has lead to what many Dutch citizens believe a miscarriage of justice, as it has created the country’s very own political prisoner, Mr. Erwin Lensink, better known as the “waxinelichtgooier” or tealight-thrower.

During Prince’s Day 2010, the Queen, accompanied by some other members of the royal family, left Noordeinde Palace in the Golden Carriage for the Binnenhof (The Hague, the Netherlands), the venue of her speech. She was escorted by court dignitaries and a military escort of honour. Along the procession trail the public usually stands behind fences. Among the gathered public in 2010 was Lensink, a Dutch citizen who is of the opinion that the Dutch royal family consists of Nazis and traitors. This is a controversial issue that has haunted the royal family since decades. Standing among the public, seven meters away from the carriage, Lensink threw a small tealightholder in the direction of the Golden Carriage (which is equipped with bulletproof windows). Lensink was immediately apprehended.

Lensink has been incarcerated since September 2010 at a High Security Prison, along with convicted murderers and suspected terrorists. But what really bothers many Dutch citizens is that Lensink is also being heavily medicated due to the diagnosis that he suffers from severe delusions, a claim that is not without controversy. The Attorney’s Office is trying to have Lensink sentenced to TBS (Ter beschikkingstelling: involuntary commitment), which is a practice of placing a person in a psychiatric hospital or ward against his will. In the real world this could result in life without parole.

The way this controversial case has evolved, with outrageous claims by a psychologist and a psychiatrist, gives the impression to many Dutch citizens that the royal family is still pulling many strings in the Netherlands, stands above the law, and enjoys preferential judicial treatment.

In a special petition addressed to the Dutch government, started just days ago, already more than 200 people have expressed their concerns about the Lensink affair, the so-called “tealightgate” scandal.

This press release is distributed by krapuul.nl, an independent online political news & opinion site, specializing in anti-fascist and anti-corruption news and opinion.

For more information on the High Security Prison where Lensink is being held: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nieuw_Vosseveld

For a short commentary on the Lensink case: http://www.krapuul.nl/blog/35610/waarom-erwin-lensink-de-waxinewerper-vrij-moet/ (Dutch)

For the petition: http://petities.nl/petitie/laat-de-waxinewerper-vrij-nu (Dutch)

For communication/interview with the krapuul.nl staff, please email info@krapuul.nl (also for interview in English)

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